2019 - 4th Quarter

Taiwan, China and the Human Race

Monday November 18

As Taiwanese prepare to select their president in the Jan. 11 presidential elections, the raison d'etre, scope and focus of their democratic nation's imagined community is again on the horizon. To gain a full perspective, they need to review this imagined community both from its macro and micro standpoints. ...

Deconstructing the Fake 1992 Consensus

Thursday October 17

In his retirement speech to the US Congress, US Army General Douglas MacArthur is remembered for quoting the well-known line from an old army ballad: "Old soldiers never die, they just fade away." ...

The Drama and Amnesia of Taiwan Politics

Sunday October 6

The September 17th deadline for independent candidates to register for next year's presidential elections has past, and Taiwan voters can now focus on the narrowed field of candidates and the issues. ...