Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

Taiwan related photos

Ing-Wen Tsai
President 2016-present

Ying-jeou Ma
President 2008-2016

Chen Shui-bian
President 2000-2008

Teng-hui Lee
President 1988-2000

Yung-Chuan Tseng
Secretary General of the KMT 2012-2014

Wen-Je Ko
Mayor of Taipei 2014-present

Wu Den-yih
former Mayor of Kaohsiung and Vice-Preisent, New KMT Chairperson

Su Tseng-chang
former ROC Premier and DPP Chairperson

Ang Lee
Taiwanese film director

Bi-khim Hsiao
DPP Legislator 2012-present

Su Beng
respected, long-time Taiwanese Democracy Activist

Speaking to Taiwan POW Camps Memorial Society

Su Beng
Swapping Books before his 100th Birthday.