Jerome F. Keating's writings

2017 - 1st Quarter

Taiwan's New Challenge, Nation Building

Friday March 10

The many winters of Taiwan's discontent are past; its one-party state days are over. With democracy becoming more firmly rooted, President Tsai Ing-wen's government and Taiwanese, now face a new and different challenge: the challenge of fostering, consolidating and preserving its nation building. ...

China's Heroes are not Taiwan's

Friday March 10

As Taiwanese look across the Strait and compare notes, problems and differences with their neighbor China, they also find alternative perceptions of heroism. ...

Taiwan and Hong Kong Look Back

Sunday February 5

The start of a New Year is often a time of introspection followed by New Year's resolutions aimed at hopeful progress. However, while this happens at the beginning of each new year, this year has special notoriety in Asia, and more so for those in nearby Hong Kong. On July 1, 1997 that the British handover of Hong Kong to the People's Republic of China took place. The handover came with clear expectations for the next 20 years. ...

A Nation in Search of its Heroes

Sunday February 5

Two recent incidents point to continuing issues that Taiwan faces as it progresses both in developing its national identity and in furthering its democracy. These particular issues also raise these questions, namely: Who are Taiwan's national heroes? And how should they be defined? ...

Nation Must Shun Dollar Diplomacy

Wednesday January 18

The cessation of diplomatic ties between Taiwan and the nation of Sao Tome and Principe has captured the news and once again brought out a myriad of traditional responses from pundits. Paramount among such responses are those of the hand-wringers and doomsday crowd. ...

Taiwanese Must Demonstrate Self-respect

Wednesday January 18

As a mid-sized nation Taiwan has its normal share of issues, challenges and troubles. However, recent affairs have once again demonstrated, that that is not all; Taiwan has the additional challenge of gaining and maintaining status among other nations; and herein lies the rub for its citizens. ...