Taiwan/China Questions Part III, Bo Xilai on Trial?

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Saturday September 29, by Jerome F. Keating Ph.D.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has finally set the date for 18th National Party Congress as November 8; ironically, or coincidentally it happens two days after the US Presidential Election. Not that one would see any set link, but it does eliminate that factor from the minds of voters in the USA--if it was a factor. However, the bigger issue is why it took so long to finalize a date for the Congress. Could it be that they needed more time to get everything set beforehand so a rubber stamp could ensue?

One area that observers will be watching is that of the fate of Bo Xilai. He has been kicked out of the party, but will he go on trial before the Congress opens?

Bo's fall from grace happened quickly in the last year; but more quick has been the trials of his wife Bo Ku Kailai, and his police chief and enforcer Wang Lijun. These two trials were handled quickly in barely 2--3 days. What amazingly quick justice!!!

For those in Taiwan, who watched Chen Shui-bian's and other trials drag on for months on end, and similarly in the USA where trials like the OJ Simpson trial dragged on for so many months; it was shall we say, laughable justice, to see the high profile China trials wrapped up in less than a week.

So, the next big question comes. What about Bo Xilai? Now that he is out of the party, will they take care of his trial in a similarly short time? and will they wrap it up before the Congress, or now that he is out of the party, will they tidy it up afterwards. Bets anyone??