Jerome F. Keating's writings

2016 - 3rd Quarter

Chiang Kai-shek's Ah-Q and the KMT's Image

Sunday September 25

Transitional justice, pension reform, stolen state assets, these are just some of the many challenges that confront President Tsai Ing-wen in addition to the constant everyday concerns of government. If these are not enough, additional issues lurk in the wings such in the Mega International Commercial Bank scandal with its potential for far-reaching money-laundering indictments and the inane ever-recurring "Chinese Taipei" moniker that constantly clouds Taiwan's identity and participation in international sporting events. ...

A Required Northbound Policy to Japan

Sunday September 25

In an effort to diversify Taiwan's economy President Tsai Ing-wen has begun a much needed southbound policy. In plain terms, it is a move that is good for business. ...

Taiwan's Democracy and the Cult of Personality

Saturday September 10

As Taiwanese continue to grow in the exercise and appreciation of their hard won democracy, they are now recognizing how they have also outgrown the immaturity found in those that follow and adhere to the cult of personality. ...

Taiwan's Presidents and the Will of the People

Saturday September 10

Call it fate, or call it chance but it certainly has been fitting and appropriate that the evaluation period of the first 100 days of the presidency of Tsai Ing-wen would coincide with the recent visit of China's Shanghai Municipal Committee United Front Work Department Director, Sha Hailin at the Taipei-Shanghai Forum. ...

Taiwan's Aboriginal Past & Identity

Friday August 5

On August 1st, President Tsai Ing-wen is to make a formal apology to Taiwan's Aborigines for the past mistreatment, loss of land and lack of transitional justice they have suffered in Taiwan. This apology is a long time coming and it is well and good that it be done. ...

Taiwan and the Canards of China

Friday August 5

Though the nation of Taiwan continues to enjoy the benefits of its hard won democracy, that freedom does not exempt it from continued spurious claims, fabrications, and sometimes outright lies from both within and without. Certainly, one such fabrication or outright lie depending on one's perspective, is the recently deceased canard of the so-called "1992 Consensus." ...